The Nordic Engineer Officer Federation 15th Congress, 24.10 2022 in Stockholm have decided to support the Joint Declaration of Intention by the Nordic Navigators on Improved Maritime Safety in the Arctic, whit the following bullets point also approved by ITF MSC in October 2022, to ensure safety for all who have their work on board this type of ship operating in polar waters;

• Until it’s mandatory in the Polar Code, all designated and assigned duties of persons who serve on this type of ship operating in polar waters, shall have adequate training and familiarization.

• In order to avoid criminalization of the Chief engineer and his engineer officers, it must be ensured that all technical equipment, especially environmental cleaning equipment, such as ballast water, cooling water, scrubbers, separators, waste incinerators etc. is constructed and designed for operation in polar waters and approved and verified in accordance with MARPOL and/or other relevant regulations.

• Safety dynamics of ship’s energy sources must be highlighted


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