NMF collaborates in several areas with common challenges in the Nordic countries. Especially within the areas of energy and environmental technology, IT and management, machinists face exciting challenges in order to continue to be the technical leaders in the society in the future, contributing to the Nordic countries remaining among the leading countries in the world in "management and technology".

At the same time, there is a great need to recruit machinists for the energy and environmental sector, the public sector, shipping, the offshore sector, and industry in the Nordic countries.

NMF focuses on recruitment efforts in the Nordic countries, strengthens coordination around collective agreement negotiations and assists each other in developing wages and employment conditions in the Nordics, and strengthens cooperation around the development of training courses for engineer officers and ship's officers.

NMF has drawn up an agreement on mutual guidelines for the transfer of members between the respective organizations. The agreement can be read here.

The Nordic Engineer Officer Federation (NMF) consists of ITF-affiliated organizations in the Nordic countries.

Maskinmestrenes Forening / Denmark
Sjöbefälsföreningen / Sweden
The Norwegian Association of Machinists / Norway
Suomen Konepäällystöliitto, Finland's Maskinbefälsförbund / Finland
VM - association velstjora og metalltaeknimanna / Iceland
Maskinmeistarafelagið / Faroe Islands

​The organizations together represent 30,000 engineers and ship's officers. The Nordic Machine Command Federation was established on 21 February 1919.

President and secretary 2022-2025


Odd Rune Malterud                                                                                      Karl Huss
President                                                                                                        Vice President
Norway                                                                                                           Sweden