• Established 21 February 1919.                                                                
  • Consists of affiliated organizations in the Nordic countries                   
  • Represents 30,000 professional technical /electrician engineers and officers.                                                                                                 
  • Articles of association, goals, statements and guidelines between the respective organisations, secretariat meetings, conferences, congresses, and website communication.                                          
  • Collaborates on the development and maintenance of technical/human law, regulations, agreements at management level to ensure competence, safe alternative energy sources, environmental protection, automation, cutting-edge technologies, health, well-being and social security.                                                      
  • The host country for the meetings is rotated between Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.                                                
  • The secretariat consists of appointed members where the president and vice-president duty follow the congress period of 3 years.

NMF affiliated organizations:

  • Maskinmestrenes Forening / Denmark
  • Sjöbefälsföreningen / Sweden
  • The Norwegian Association of Machinists / Norway
  • Suomen Konepäällystöliitto, Finland's Maskinbefälsförbund / Finland
  • VM - association velstjora og metalltaeknimanna / Iceland
  • Maskinmeistarafelagið / Faroe Islands

President and secretary 2022-2025
Odd Rune Malterud                                                                                      Karl Huss
President                                                                                                        Vice President
Norway                                                                                                           Sweden