Internal collaboration:

  • NMF must contribute to, and set high demands/expectations for the member organisations' individual work and development.
  • NMF must contribute to a good and efficient coordination of knowledge and experiences that are of common interest to the member organisations.
  • NMF must via a high level of social responsibility, coordinate a joint nordic effort to improve areas in connection with pension and senior policy.
  • NMF must hold two constructive meetings a year where topics of a general nature are discussed.
  • NMF shall, if necessary arrange relevant conferences
  • NMF will set up working groups that can take care of these objectives and marketing.
  • NMF shall work to ensure that the framework conditions for shipping aim to contribute to the recruitment, creation and safeguarding of jobs for nordic certified maritime personnel and the consequences of the green shift
  • The NMF must work to ensure that human safety is safeguarded in a responsible manner through the right expertise and the right staffing

External international work:

  • NMF shall contribute to making its members visible and profiled internationally both within sustainable energy and the environment, shipping, fisheries, land and offshore.
  • NMF must participate in relevant councils, tribunals and committees to safeguard members' professional and personal interests internationally.

Education and further education:

  • NMF shall contribute to ensuring a high quality of education in the member countries beyond the minimum requirements of STCW/STCW-F.
  • NMF shall contribute to ensuring a high quality and continuity of continuing education in the member countries.
  • NMF shall contribute to increasing awareness of the members' competence requirements.
  • NMF shall work to ensure members' opportunities for other higher education.
  • NMF must work to ensure that its members' education is timely, technologically and sustainably correct so that their skills remain attractive at sea and on land.